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Tour the Factory which builds Aero Toy Haulers


We journey to Georgia every month or two to handle factory deliveries to our customers. Many of you express a desire to see a completed product and this would be an excellent opportunity for you to do just that. Occasionally these units are still under construction and on the assembly line and you are welcome to a tour under either of these circumstances.

When I go to Georgia I stay at the Days Inn located at 1199 highway 82 west, Tifton, Georgia 31793. The Days Inn is situated at exit # 62 on Interstate I-75. The exit will drop you off right in front of the Days Inn. This exit is located 60 miles north of the Florida state line, on I-75.

The Forest River Factory is located at 193 Industrial Drive, Ocilla, Georgia, 31774. The phone there is 229-468-3352. The Regional Factory Manager is Kevin Smith; phone 229-468-7244. Our Factory Rep is Tim Cox and his direct line is 229-468-7810. In event that you are unable to reach me on my cell phone (321-266-0405), due to the dead zone that surrounds Ocilla, you may contact Tim Cox for directions or my whereabouts. To get to the factory from the Days Inn, head east on hwy 82 for 3-4 miles, left turn on hwy 319 north, go 18-20 miles, left at traffic light on hwy 129, go 2-3 miles, left on Sly Hill road, go 1-2 miles, right on Industrial Drive, go 1 mile, see plant on right.

Ocilla recalls an old T.V. show I watched as a kid, known as the Twilight Zone. It is in the middle of nowhere, or as Rod Serling would say: A place that lies between the pit of mans fears and the summit of knowledge. The middle ground between light and shadow; between science and superstition, a place we know as the Twilight Zone! I am always intrigued when visiting Ocilla and I am sure that you will be too ha.

The phone number at the Days Inn is 229-382-8505. I suggest that you make reservations and request a suite that faces the rear of the lodge where I situate myself, so that we can get acquainted and plan a factory tour for the following morning. The Days Inn is very economical, easy to find, has very clean rooms and offers a breakfast bar with cereal, coffee, tea, fruit, pastries and juice.

The Cracker Barrel is directly across the street where I usually have breakfast and this can be a second choice, should you desire a full service breakfast. After breakfast we will all meet back at the Days Inn at 9:00 AM to begin our 20 mile journey to the Forest River Factory, in Ocilla Georgia.

The journey will remind you of the movie, Deliverance. Alligators out here are 16 feet long and can flip a car or truck and eat the occupants. If you donít carry a gun, we will furnish one for your protection. Several miles out most all phone services are completely lost; you must stay close by and not stray from the group. Do not stop for hitch hikers or you will become a hitch hiker yourself. If you get lost, simply drive into the town of Ocilla and offer some one $10.00 for directions to the Forest River Factory at 193 Industrial Drive; worst case scenario will be $20.00, that simple!

Those of you that have the courage to attend this event must E-Mail me and provide your name, address and phone number, so that I will be able to effectively communicate with you and advise of the tour date and time.

Cordially Yours,
Tony Mancuso 321-266-0405


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