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The Most Affordable Living Quarters Motorcycle Trailer /
Toy Hauler in the United States

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The Ingredients Aero Trailers Toy Haulers are made from

8'6" X 16' up to 53' Toy Hauler / Motorcycle Trailer

Special Edition with Aluminum Package and Bathroom

Diamond Plate fender and billet wheels of an Aero Toy HaulerThis Living Quarters Toy Hauler is a Brand New Enclosed Unit with the Full Aluminum Package. It is Equipped with a Double Radius Designer V-Nose and Inner Cathedral Nose and a Stainless Steel V-Cap with J-Moldings and 24" Aluminum Diamond Plate Stone Guard, One Piece Seamless Roof, 100% Pure Super Alloy Space Age Billet Wheels with Stainless Steel / Chrome Center Hubs, Chrome Lug Bolts, Tandem 6" Drop Axles with Easy Lube Bearings, Custom Brite Dip Diamond Plate Aluminum Fenders, 5" Steel Rectangular Tube Frame and is suspended by good old fashioned Leaf Springs that will never break like Torsion Bars do and leave you stranded for 30 days or longer.

Toy Hauler Floor choicesIt has a Steel Reinforced Floor and can be Equipped with a Black Rubber Diamond Plate Floor, A Black and White Checkered Floor or a Polished Aluminum Diamond Plate Floor with a Steel Reinforced Ramp and Extension, 250 lb Spring Assist Ramp, World Class Tie Down System with many 5000 LB Floor Mount D-Rings and many Wall Mount C- Rings, Bead Board Styrofoam Insulated Ceiling and Walls with White Decorative Insulation Board on top / over lay, Dome Ceiling Lights, Ventilation, Seamless One Piece Leak Proof Roof, Flush Mount 3" Thick Reinforced Side Door with Window, Dead Bolt and Handle Lock, Complemented with Separate Inner Screen Door, Rear Mount Fold Down Jacks, Side Winder Tongue Jack with Greasable Gears, 16-18 on Center Braces and the Tongues are Extended and covered with Aluminum Diamond Plate Platforms, outfitted with a 2 5/16" Ball Socket. These Units are Constructed with 4-Ply High Viscosity Yellow Pine (Kin to Cypress), which is a Far Departure from the Particle Board and Composite, Presently used in most Low End / Cheap Trailers today and come with a 3- Year Factory Warranty.

Each Toy Hauler receives Between $3,000.00 / $3,500.00 in Hi-Line Materials, Equipment, Options and Features, in Real Retail Dollars at the Factory cost of $1,500.00 / $1,800.00 and installed with no labor charge. Buying and installing these items from a Non Aero Dealer will result in paying 2- 4 times more for the same items plus a $75.00 / $95.00 per hour labor charge.


Toy Hauler vanityThese World Class Compact Toy Haulers are Equipped with a full service Bathroom, to include a Marine Toilet, Sink, Vanity, Medicine Cabinet, Mirror, Stall Shower, Over Head Draw Fan, and Lighting, etc.

Toy Hauler Marine ToiletThese Toy Haulers have Air Conditioning, Heating, a Hand Wash Sink with a Black Formica Counter Top, Upper and Lower Cabinets for Motorcycle Gear, Tools, Equipment and Clothes, Dishes, Pots, Pans, etc. Up to 12 - 5000 lb Floor Mounted D-Rings, up to 18 Wall Mounted C-Rings with Black Rubber Diamond Plate Floors. Windows, Blinds, and Curtains, much like at Home, etc.

Toy Hauler shower headThey come Equipped with a 30 amp Fuse Box with Breaker Switches, both Cove and Dome Ceiling Lighting, Double 110 Electrical Outlet throughout, with a Marine Double 110 Electrical outlet positioned at the outside Right Front and Right Rear of the Toy Hauler, to include optional Coax Cable box for T.V. or Computer, when ordered etc. At present, we are switching to a coax box that will include a Telephone Jack also.


    Toy Hauler Kitchen and DiningOur new Toy Haulers are made with an over head Kitchen Cabinet 42" wide, 17" deep and 24" high and a Black Formica Kitchen Counter, Sink and lower Storage Cabinet that is 42" wide, 23" deep and 39" high. To complement this is a Pedestal Dining Table that is 24" x 30" to now establish a complete Kitchenette. Small chairs of your choice can be purchased from a local supplier. Below the upper Cabinets are two double 110 Electrical outlets to supply current to the Appliances. This left front section of the Toy Hauler is the Kitchenette. It is small compact and organized. Note that there is 24" between the kitchen counter and the upper kitchen cabinets which will house a small fridge with a small micro waive piggy backed on top. Aside from this it is $4,000.00 / $5,000.00 less Expensive than a Standard and Traditional Toy Hauler Kitchen. This will continue to keep the Toy Hauler Affordable, Compact, and Spacious.


    Most all Competitors Sleeping arrangements are comprised of two Wall Mounted Fold Down Bunk Beds on each side of the Trailer. These take up much space and Prohibit the Storage of Cargo or Parking or Motorcycles, while the Beds are in use. We have since come up with a better arrangement that will offer more Comfort, Safety, Versatility and improve the general overall space usage throughout the Entire Interior of the Trailer.


      Enclosed Living Quarters Trailer / Toy Hauler Bunk bedImagine sleeping on a bed that will accommodate a Married couple when desired and being able to convert this flat bed within a few moments to a standard and traditional over and under bunk bed to accommodate two males on a week end Motorcycle Riding Adventure.

      Each Bunk Bed features a 1-1/2" angle iron deck with welded corners and 2 center supports, 1 1/8" round 20 gauge cold rolled steel legs, 2" x 4" galvanized link spring deck and comes with two 4" mattresses that are thick and comfortable. The frame has a black painted finish, is 30" X 78", stands 54 inches tall and has a Guard Rail for the top bunk for safety and weighs 100 LBS.

      These Combination flat / bunk Beds are portable and completely fold up for easy storage. Depending upon the number of Motorcycles or volume of cargo, each 8 X 16 Trailer will hold one or more of these Combination Beds that can accommodate up to four people.


      Enclosed Living Quarters Trailer / Toy Hauler Raised Happijac bedWe also carry World Famous Happijac Electric Lift Queen Beds that are ceiling mounted and drop down to within 12" of the floor for full comfort Queen size, home like, State of the Art Sleeping Quarters. The Trailer Walls must be Reinforced prior to the installation of the Happijac Queen size Bed. The frame of this large bed is constructed out of heavy gauge aluminum and the mattress is 60" x 88" . It is powered by electric motors and controlled by a wall switch. Installing wall mounted / stationary fold up beds get in the way when at a later date you decide to re-arrange the toy Hauler to accommodate additional motorcycles or four wheelers. The Happijac beds stay out of the way and will allow freedom of movement at all times. The Happijac bed is even more effective than the Bunk Bed system and offers yet more Comfort, Versatility and improves the entire overall space availability throughout the Interior of the Trailer. It does not get much better than this! This is the ultimate way to go for luxury and comfort!

      As a Prerequisite to the sale of this Trailer each buyer warrants that prior to loading any motor vehicle, motorcycle or other gasoline, diesel or other fuel powered vehicle or machine in the Trailer, the battery and fuel will be removed for safety and to avoid fires, explosions and other damage that could result in property damage, bodily injury or death.


    Toy Hauler Emergency Exit WindowIf a vehicle crashed into the side door of your trailer day or night and generated a fire, how would you escape to safety? Suppose someone parked a vehicle against the side door of your trailer and threatened to harm you unless you paid a ransom! Suppose the side door on your trailer jammed and you could not get out! Suppose there was an outside brush fire and you could not open the side door of your trailer and escape to safety! Suppose a Skunk or dangerous animal or Reptile situated itself at or near the side door of your trailer and restricted your exit! Regardless of the reason a side door to your trailer is unable to be opened, all of our trailers now come equipped with an Emergency Egress Escape window that un-bolts and pops out within seconds so you can escape to safety. This new window is installed on the opposite side of the side door to the trailer and has already saved lives. This is one of many STANDARD SAFETY FEATURES engineered in all Aero Trailers.


    Our Toy Hauler is set up so that it can be pulled into a R.V. Park and hooked up to a Water Outlet and 110 Electric, in event it was to be Run without a Generator. The only time that a Generator would be engaged is when the Trailer would be at an Off Road Location, compelling the owner to absolutely engage a Generator. Buyer is Responsible to procure own Generator. While one 5500 Watt will work a 6500 / 7000 will carry two or more people each operating electrical appliances. Three or more people each running electrical appliances with the Air Conditioning running may require a 7000 Watt or larger generator; most stores have an electrical usage chart that will help you to evaluate your wattage requirement.


      Aero Toy Haulers are geared to Run on Direct 110 Electric, Generator or 12 Volt Battery. To accomplish this Multiplicity of Balancing Acts our Trailers are Equipped with an Elixir Power Converter, which will adjust to the Electric Source that you select. This Power Converter is mounted on the wall in the far right corner next to the 50 amp breaker fuse box and requires no maintenance or adjustment.


      Toy Hauler holding tanks and stoneguardsAero Toy Haulers are Equipped with a six gallon Water Heater, 27 gallon tank of fresh water for the Toilet, Hand Wash Sinks and Shower, one 18 gallon tank for grey water and one 18 gallon black water tank for solid waste, which is situated under the toilet itself.

      The solid waste is pumped by a Marine Toilet directly into a 27 gallon waste tank under the toilet. Aero Toy Haulers are Equipped with a Modern Back Flush System, which consist of a cross over pipe that connects from the grey water tank to the solid waste tank.

      Toy Hauler Drainage valves and couplingHere is how it works: Open the valve on the solid waste tank to empty the solid waste. When done, lock the solid waste tank valve. Now open the grey water tank valve and the cross over pipe will fill and allow the grey water to flow into the solid waste tank. This will fill the solid waste tank and break up existing residue completely. When done close the grey water tank valve.

      Now open the solid waste tank valve and drain the solid waste out again and it will be even cleaner than before, with little to no Residue Remaining. Do this after each use of the Toy Hauler and you will always have a first class, trouble free plumbing system. Always engage the Bacterial Conditioner furnished with the toilet package; all supplies stores carry this Conditioner.


Toy Hauler Cargo Security Tie Down SystemThe Trailer is set up with three Rows of Floor Mounted D-Rings on 16' Models and four Rows of Floor Mounted D-Rings on 20' Models; this changes occasionally, depending upon equipment, options installed or floor plan selected. The First Row of Floor Mount D-Rings Start 2" from the Kitchen Cabinet and continue towards the Rear. These Floor Mount D-Rings are Reinforced with 12" Wide Steel Plates that are Situated below the Floor. These Plates are Continuous Run, from Front to Rear like cable on a Suspension Bridge. The last Row of Floor Mount D-Rings stop 2" before the Rear Ramp Door. The Walls are set up with many Wall Mounted C-Rings at both 3' and 5' High Levels. These Floor and Wall Mount D and C Rings are World Class State of the Art that few Trailers, if any will ever be Equipped with and Orchestrated in the fashion that they are.


Aero Toy Haulers are very SPECIALIZED, SOPHISICATED, EXOTIC, and RARE; Nothing will Ever come close to the STRUCTURAL INTEGRITY, ENGINEERING, FUNCTIONALITY, SAFETY, and APPEARANCE. They are Extreme World Class Champion Toy Haulers that are one of a kind and in a League all by themselves. There isn't another Toy Hauler made that you can Compare them to, as none will even come Close to Matching the Design, Ingredients, and Versatility of an Aero Toy Hauler Ever!

While there is no place like home, we have striven to make this Toy Hauler Comfortable, Safe and Convenient, Spacious but Compact and Affordable over any other Toy Hauler / Living Quarters Motorcycle Trailer. We hope that you enjoyed this Presentation and look forward to hearing from you soon.


Aero Trailers maintains the only Compact Toy Hauler of its kind with the LEAST EXPENSIVE PRICE TAG in the United States at this time if comparing Apples to Apples!

Let it be known that no Corners have been cut to accomplish this. Further, few if any Toy Haulers in this League have Bead Blast Styrofoam Insulation in the Walls and Ceiling, Sealed with 4 - Ply Yellow Pine and then Capped Off with Insulation Board on Top.

Further, few if any Toy Haulers come Equipped with the Black Rubber Diamond Plate Floor and Steel Reinforced Bottoms, as ours do. If they do it was copied from us.

Further, few if any Toy Haulers are set up to handle three different Power Sources, such as Direct 110 Current, Generator, and 12 Volt Battery.

Aero Trailers offers a Wealth of Engineering, Structural Integrity, High Line Materials, Options, Features, Accessories, and Double Insulation that is Unparalleled by any other Dealer or Manufacturer and it is Made in the USA. Our Unit Boasts 11,000 / 15,500 BTU with Heat as opposed to the standard Units that are merely 6,000 / 8,000 BTU.

Aero Trailers can also be set up with three different types of Triple Steel Tube Tongues, such as 48" Snub Nose, 54" and 60" Long John. The longer the Tongue, the less the Tongue weight! Confused? Think about this and experiment at home. Long handles on a wheel barrow make it easier to lift; right?

Lastly, If you can find a Toy Hauler with our Specs and Engineering, be prepared to Spend $35,000.00 and Upward and do not be Surprised if you find at a later date that it is a COUNTERFEIT with little to no Value!

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