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An Aero trailer is one that was fortunate enough to be Re Routed from a standard assembly line where most all brand and non brand name trailers are built. An example would be a typical 6 X 12 trailer that cost a Dealer $2,000.00 and sells for $3,200.00 or less. We then go to work on this 6 X 12 unit , that was originally intended to have a ¾” floor , with very thin walls and exposed tin roof with entry level axles and steel wheels that are rusted prior to purchase and equipped with a wood side door and ramp that lack steel reinforcement and have no locks with walls and floors that have no tie down system with an overall short life expectancy to boot and completely Re Design and Blue Print the Entire trailer from start to finish.

On the new assembly line we add approximately $2,500.00 + in Factory Optional Equipment to include a Designer Bottle Neck V-Nose, 1” thick Steel Belted Floors, with Black and White Checkered Linoleum, 9 - 5000 LB Floor Mounted D-Rings, 3/8” Plywood fastened to the Wall Frame with 3/16” White Vinyl Insulation Board on top and enhanced with 24-Wall Mounted C-Rings bolted over the Vinyl, to Fasten Cargo.

The list of OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT is ENDLESS; we have CHANGED, REPLACED and ALTERED every SUB-STANDARD and INADEQUITE PIECE and PART that most all trailers are made from, INCORPORATING only HIGH QUALITY REPLACEMENTS that are FAR SUPERIOR to all other trailers made!

The Above referenced Factory Optional Equipment cost a Dealer Approximately $1,000.00 and Retails to a Customer for about $2,500.00 / $2,700.00. Dealers make BIG MONEY on Optional Equipment ; even more than the trailer will generate! Aero Trailers marks up the profit on the 6 X 12 trailer $650.00 and not a penny more; the FORTUNE in OPTIONAL PARTS and EQUIPMENT is the Customers for FACTORY COST only, which amounts to about $1,000.00 to 1,200.00 more than other brands, but the additional cost is for MEGA OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT that is going right back into YOUR OWN pocket and NOT OURS!

The end result of an Aero Trailer Purchase is that the customer drives off with a WORLD CLASS Trailer that is Very Rugged, Well Built, Exotic and Luxurious in every Detail. Further this Motorcycle / Cargo Trailer is Equipped with the most Sophisticated and Superior Tie Down System of its kind! Please refer to the FACTS or PRICE section for a complete list of all Factory Optional Equipment Incorporated in an Aero Trailer.

Buying a low priced trailer (EMPTY WOODEN BOX) will cost MUCH MORE than ours, should you later decide to ADD just a FEW of the OPTIONAL FEATURES our trailers already have, such as FLOOR MOUNT D-RINGS, WALL MOUNT C-RINGS, DROP JACKS, ETC.

You can own an OCEAN LINER or a ROW BOAT for the same price; which one will you choose?


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