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QUESTION:  Is there an advantage of owning a  7 X 12  Trailer with a Single Axle?

ANSWER:  A 7 X 12 Trailer is a Large Trailer typically engaged to haul two large Bikes, side by side or staggered. The basic Trailer will weigh from 1500 LBS to 2000 LBS empty, depending upon the Options, Special Equipment, Cross Members, Vertical Beams, etc that the Trailer maintains.   The single axle that comes with the Trailer in most instances can carry no more than  3500 LBS.    Keep in mind that based upon the above empty weight, the Trailer will only be able to Safely Carry 1500 LBS to 2000 NET LBS.

Without a second axle the above referenced  7 X 12 Single Axle Trailer will generate a very Heavy Tongue Weight; oftentimes in excess of the 500 LB maximum that most all Hitches are designed to support.   In addition to the above, almost always  the 7 X 12 Trailer with a Single Axle will develop a  Zig / Zag  and Sway Pattern at speeds above  50MPH to 55MPH which will be difficult at best to control.  

This will become very testing  and monotonous.  This condition will turn a two hour trip into a three hour trip at best and create a very dangerous  liability exposure to both the host vehicle and other motorist as well. Upon arrival at your final destination, if you make it, you will be completely Exhausted  and already entertaining the thought of selling the Trailer.

The original intent and designed use for this Trailer was for High Volume with Light Weight Cargo.  IE : For hauling Cotton, Plants, Rags , Plastic Parts, Aluminum  Parts or Scrap, Garments, etc.    Despite the above, most of these  7 X 12  Trailers with Single Axles end up hauling two or more Bikes and other Cargo, far in Excess of  what it was designed for.  

In March of 2007 a 45 year old man from Sebastian Florida visited with us and related that he had just purchased a  7 X 12  Single Axle Trailer from a Indian River County, Florida  Trailer Dealer.     The I.D. Plate documented the weight as follows :   3500 LB single axle / 7000 LB tandem axle.    He advised that he was confused about just how much weight the Trailer could carry. He had loaded furniture and equipment from his Sebastian Home and was moving to Boston.     When questioned as to exactly what was loaded in the Trailer, the man advised as follows :  A Fridge / Freezer combo separate High Cube Freezer , Washer, Dryer, large Roll Cab with 700 LBS of tools, Security Safe , general Furniture and Household goods, etc.   What he described appeared to weigh in Excess of 3000 LBS.    

In concluding the Interview with the DISGRUNTLED Trailer Owner, he stated that the Trailer was swaying from left to right Drastically and Suddenly he lost Control just as he was approaching the Titusville Exit , 30 miles south of Daytona.   The Vehicle and Trailer then struck a bridge abutment and bent the frame and axle on the Trailer.   The Trailer was not repairable and the owner did not insure the Trailer following the purchase.   The Vehicle sustained Damage to its Bumper , Quarter Panel and right rear Door.  The owner visited with Aero Trailers and related the above incident to us.   He then contacted the Trailer Dealer and was advised by them that he must have over loaded the Trailer and caused the Accident himself.  

The Trailer Dealer refused to assist him in any way, shape or form.  The man related to Aero that the Trailer cost him $4,900.00 and seem to be a Bargain Trailer.   The man put his head down on an office desk as though he was in morning.    His trip to Boston was  Postponed, his Trailer was a Total Loss and had to be Towed to a Storage Facility, his Furniture and Equipment was Damaged and he had no Place to Stay.  

The  7 X 12  Single Axle Trailer is very Large and gives the general Impression that it can carry what ever can fit in it!     Keep in mind that this Trailer can hold in Excess of  5000 LBS and may be good for Storage , but not to Drive on the Highway, as it is very Difficult to Control and has   NO BRAKES  to  STOP it; Consequently, Frequent Jack Knifes Occur with Serious Liability Exposure to Bodily Injury and Property Damage.   Aside from this it has very little  RESALE  POTENTIAL  and  RETAIL VALUE  to an Experienced person who knows Trailers; few people will buy it and will offer you Less than  FIFTY CENTS on a DOLLAR!

The average Mind Set of an inexperienced buyer is   “ Why should I pay $5,500.00 / $6,000.00 for a  7 X 12 Tandem Axle Trailer , when I can own a  7 X 12 Single Axle Trailer that will do the same job for much less“ Many Dealers desperate to make a Sale will  REINFORCE  their Customers thinking and encourage them to Purchase the  7 X 12  Single Axle Trailer.   Almost always  a Decision with Emphasis  on  ECONAMY over SAFETY will have a DISEASTEROUS END RESULT!    

We have a Question that you may want to entertain an answer for. If we sat down with the above Trailer Owner prior to his Trailer purchase and explained that all of the above would most likely occur, if he purchased the 7 X 12 Trailer with the single axle, what would he do?

            1. Purchase a more expensive Trailer with a tandem axle for safety?

            2. Purchase a less expensive Trailer with a single axle and no brakes to save money?

            3. Which choice would you make?

QUESTION: I JUST need a trailer to move my family one way. I JUST  need a trailer for storage.  I JUST  need a trailer to haul my bike several times per year. I JUST  need a trailer to use for work occasionally.   Is it necessary for me to spend more money on a trailer that I will not use very much?

ANSWER: I refer to this group of prospects as the “I JUST PEOPLE.“ We all have decisions to make on a daily basis.  Some Decisions affect our Reputation in the community. Some Decisions Affect our Performance and Ability to Deliver or Accomplish a Job or other Task.  Some Decisions affect our Health. More Importantly than anything else is a Decision that affects our Safety and Violates the Safety of others!

Almost always, the “I JUST PEOPLE“  make a Decision based upon the DOLLAR AMOUNT that the  RIGHT WAY to do things will COST them.  The “I JUST PEOPLE“ are very easy to IDENTIFY.  Many of them are parked on the side of the road or highway, waiting for a Wrecker or  someone to bring them a spare tire.   Their problems range from being STRANDED, due to no sparetire , BROKEN AXLES, due to failure to purchase a tandem axle trailer, JACK KNIEFS and FLIP OVERS, due to purchasing a trailer without a drop axle, very high center of gravity , no tie down system and poor trailer design.       

Many of them get off easy with flat tires only and will be STRANDED for HOURS, because they refused to buy a spare tire, as they purchased the trailer “JUST“  to use locally around town and did not plan to go far from home and of course never on the “HIGHWAY.“  

Some “I JUST PEOPLE“ are convinced that a 1200 LB  full dress motorcycle will not over power a small enclosed economical trailer that weighs only 800 LBS.  The Decision to purchase this CATASTROPHY on standby is oftentimes made in the best interest of  “SAVING MONEY.“ One of our prior customers did exactly this. He rounded a corner too fast and the weight of the bike flipped the trailer on its side. 

He had a $500.00 deductable on the trailer a $500.00 deductable on the motorcycle, with a $250.00 deductable on the household contents that he was also hauling. He was covered by Insurance; unfortunately, he had to absorb $1,250.00 in deductibles and lost another $3,000.00 on depreciation on all three claims, with a total of $4,250.00 out of pocket, that the fine Insurance Company refused to pay!

The Ideal trailer for this man would have been a  6 X 10 , with an inside length of  11’6” and a 7’6” wide wheel base that would have prevented the trailer from turning over.    Yes , the man saved plenty of money on the initial purchase.    This definitely reinforced his belief system and made him feel complacent.   The cost of this MISTAKE  was  $4,250.00 ;  this was more than enough money to purchase a  HIGH QUALITY WORLD CLASS TRAILER, that would have prevented this  ACCIDENT  and the   HIGH COST   of dealing with it!   

Another “I JUST PEOPLE“ did almost the same thing. He purchased a very economical trailer that too saved him money initially. Some of the money that he saved was engaged to install a  MAKE SHIFT tie down system in the trailer. The MAKE SHIFT tie down system broke while the trailer was rounding a corner and hit a pot hole. One motorcycle crashed into the other, then into the wall, then they both crashed on to the floor.  The Trailer sustained substantial damage and the two bikes generated thousands in damage, all with deductibles and applicable depreciation, as in the above case! The damage  FAR EXCEEDED  what the difference between the economical and high line trailer cost.  In the end this “ I JUST PEOPLEPAID MUCH MORE for an empty wooden shell than a fully loaded, WORLD CLASS TRAILER,  with all OPTIONS!

All of the Options and Features on Aero Trailer are sold to each Customer for FACTORY COST and are not marked up one Penny.   While an Aero Trailer cost on the average of $500.00 to $1,000.00 more than some of the Brand Name Trailers, you will receive $2,200.00 / $3,000.00 in OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT and FEATURES for $.25 cents / $.50 cents on a dollar, which will TREMENDOUSLY INCREASE the RETAIL VALUE  and the FUTURE SALE PRICE  of the Trailer, when you are ready to sell!

The  RETAIL VALUE of a Trailer in a year or two down the line, at such time that the Trailer will  be SOLD, is MORE IMPORTANT than the PURCHASE PRICE.  Unfortunately, the “I JUST PEOPLE“ do not have the ABILITY to UNDERSTAND this and price alone is often times the determining factor engaged to make a decision; usually a poor decision!

Customers sell an AERO TRAILER  a year or two later for $500.00 / $800.00 MORE than what they originally paid for the unit. Seldom will they ever lose money on an Aero Trailer.    On any other Brand Name purchase that you make, be prepared to lose  30% to 50%  of your investment, no matter how well you have taken care of the Trailer.  

All of your common , every day ordinary Trailers are for sale on every Internet Auction, by the hundreds / thousands.   They are a dime a dozen Trailers that people lose big bucks on daily. Initially, you will save 10%-15% on the purchase price and always lose 30% to 50% on the sale price.  With Aero , you will pay a little more and receive a GREAT DEAL MORE in QUALITY, PERFORMANCE and SAFETY.   

When you are ready to sell an Aero Trailer, you will almost always receive EVERY DOLLAR back that you spent on it and often times another $500.00 to $800.00, depending upon the size of the Trailer.   In view of the above, Aero has earned the nick name of “FREE TRAILER.“  Only  the “I JUST PEOPLE“ pay for Trailers, as it means a great deal to them to save money initially, even though they give it all back later, with a 30% to 50% PENALTY!   

In an effort not to be redundant your attention is directed to the Flyer titled Know a Good Deal when you see one.  If you can not find it, please ask for one.  It is imperative that you review and evaluate all of the information documented in this flyer and ask questions. Our job is to inform and educate potential customers, so that they will be capable of making an informed decision and avoid a costly mistake.

Going PREVENTATIVE  and  engaging the principles of FORESEEABILITY  is what it will take to get you where you want to go  SAFELY, ECONOMICALLY  and  EFFECTIVELY. If you intend to call more dealers and price out trailers here is a BOOT CAMP  check list to prepare you. Arm yourself with the following questions. Be firm, hold for the answer, don’t joke around, keep it business and serious. Here we go: 

Are the Trailers made out of Yellow Pine and Water Resistant, Finished Interior, Insulated , Inside Lights, Vented, Reinforced Tie Down System, Reinforced Floor, Wall Mount  C-Rings, Floor Covering , Reinforced (1 ½”) Recreational Side Door with Dead Bolt and Handle Lock System (NOT HOLLOW), High Torque Side Winder Tongue Jack with Grease Fitting,  V-Nose with Round Corners One Piece Leak Proof Roof, Quadruple Steel Reinforced Rear Ramp, Ramp Extension in Stainless  Steel and Polished Aluminum with no wood showing , Ramp Return Spring Assembly with an Enclosed White Aluminum Cabinet.

30-K Gauge Aluminum Paneling with 16-18 on Centers for Walls and Steel Bridged Floors,  Dexter Drop Axles, Billet Aluminum Wheels , Chrome Lug Nuts, Chrome Center Hubs,  Fold Down Drop Down Jacks for Quick Tire Change and Leveling,  Brite Dip Polished Aluminum Package on front, side and rear, Mega Exterior Lighting System, 4-wheel Electric Brakes on Tandems with Emergency Break A Way.    Last but not Least is  “  APPEARANCE. “   Any object that you purchase or have for sale should have some form of  Curb or Sex Appeal, Attraction, Striking Appearance,  etc. in order to Excite, Stimulate or Attract and get the Attention of a Buyer!    

By now some of you are saying to yourself   “ I do not need all those  BELLS and WHISTLES “.
Note that our Bells and Whistles are not all Show with no Go; they are 100%     FUNCTIONAL !   Aside from this you are Buying them at the Rate of.25 /.50 cents on a Dollar!    This is why you will be able to sell your Aero Trailer for more than you paid and in most instances make a SUBSTANTIAL  PROFIT   on the unit  if sold within 12-18 months of purchase!

Relocating your family from Florida to New York  and want to Purchase a Cheap Trailer for a Cheap Price to  Save  on the Cost  of Renting  a Truck or Trailer?     Most   I JUST PEOPLE   think the answer is to purchase a Cheap Trailer for a Cheap Price and then sell the Trailer, once they reach their Destination.    You will spend some serious money for newspaper and magazine ads, entertain 15-20 tire kickers, get antagonized with stupid offers and be repeatedly told that they can buy the same Trailer for less than you are asking.   In the End, you will sell the Trailer for much less than you would have ever imagined!    After paying the Sales Tax, Registration Cost, Advertisement Fees and dropping your price for a quick sale, count on losing about $1,200.00 to $1,500.00.    Renting a Truck or Trailer will cost about the same, if not more!     You will not Win this War on your own; you will Require “PROFESSIONAL  HELP.

STOP FIGHTING a WAR that you can not Win alone and accept the assistance of our TROOPS. It is never too late to change your ways. Just contact us and we will help you  BRAIN STORM most Situations to SUCCESSFUL CONCLUSION. In the above situation, we can set you up to pay Florida Sales Tax or Destination Sales Tax, which ever is the Lowest, Plus issue you a 30 Day Nation Wide Temp Tag to Obviate Registration Fees.  Upon arrival to your Destination you will place an ad for your Trailer and ask $500.00 to $1,000.00 more than your Purchase Price.   With an Aero Trailer, you will have the only game in town; a Trailer that will stand  MAJESTICALLY  by itselfAnd  OUT CLASS  any other Trailer on this Planet!  You will never hear the words “I can buy a Trailer just like YOURS for less money.“  With  OUR PLAN  you will  make a SUBSTANTIAL PROFIT Relocating your family and suffer no loss whatsoever!

The “I JUST PEOPLE“ can own an OCEAN LINER or a ROW BOAT for the same price. Almost always they will purchase the “ROW BOAT“ and Invest more money in it than it cost to purchase an OCEAN LINER or Aero Trailer.  When they sell it, they will lose again!

Even if you do not plan on buying an AERO TRAILER, let us help you to make a LESS COSTLY MISTAKE, if at all possible; simply call us; ask for me personally “Tony Mancuso“ and let me try to assist you.   

QUESTION: If the gross weight of a trailer is 7000 LBS and it is over loaded 500 / 700 LBS or more, will the trailer break or receive damage to a lesser degree?

ANSWER: The trailer may weigh 7,700 LBS on a weigh scale all alone, however, when hooked up to a vehicle and weighed all over again with just the trailer alone on the scale , it may only weigh 6545, which is 15% less.

The towing vehicle will always absorb 5% to 20% of the trailer weight, depending upon how the trailer is loaded. If the trailer is loaded front heavy then the towing vehicle will carry more weight and the trailer axles will carry less weight and vice versa, etc.

If weight distribution bars / spring bars are engaged then more weight will be distributed to the front end of the towing vehicle. Thus the tandem axles on the trailer and the drive axle on the towing vehicle will have a decrease in weight.

Manufacturers test trailers for much heavier weight than they warranty them for. Thus if a trailers gross weight is documented at 7,000 LBS, it has probably been tested with a weight of 8,000 LBS, 9,000 LBS or even 10,000 LBS prior to it being distributed to a dealer for retail sale. The same holds true for axles , wheels and tires. The D.O.T. specs on these items are far below what they are really capable of supporting.

Human nature is another factor that manufacturers must take into consideration. If they document a gross weight tolerance on any of the above items they know that a consumer will still exceed the weight limitations. In view of the above the manufacturer under rates the weight tolerance to compensate for the consumers over confidence that will hopefully discourage over loading. 

QUESTION: I have a SMALL CAR and need to purchase a Trailer. I will be hauling a Full Dress FLHTCU Harley Davidson Motorcycle on occasion. I will also be using the Trailer for hauling general cargo in conjunction with a business that I own. I do not want my car to BOTTOM OUT and RAISE the FRONT END up like a SPEED BOAT. Should I purchase a 6 X 12 with a Single Axel or a 7 X 12 Trailer with Tandem Axels?

ANSWER : The Tongue Weight on a 6 X 12 Empty is about 150 - 175 LBS. The Tongue Weight on a 7 X 12 Empty is about 85 LBS. In this case the Tongue Weight and WEIGHT DISTRIBUTION CAPABILITIES of the Trailer will be more of an issue to be concerned with than the OVERALL WEIGHT of the Trailer and its Cargo, despite what the Owners Manual Documents the Vehicle can Safely pull. The car Manufacturer is concerned with the possibility of you taking off too fast and abruptly and damaging the Transmission. It is not necessarily the weight that concerns the Manufacturer, it is how the average driver will handle that weight. Take off slow; take more time to reach your maximum speed. Begin to stop, when the car ahead of the car in front of you begins to stop. Pay close attention; drive extra cautiously. You can handle it! An average car will run lower than normal at the rear when hooked to a Cargo Trailer that is loaded. If the Trailer is a Single Axel, it will DROP EVEN LOWER, to the point of requiring Air Bags on the car. With a Tandem Axel, the Tongue Weight will be DECREASED SUBSTANTIALLY, as the Forward Axel will LIFT a great deal of weight off the Tongue.

Also, the Wheel Base on a Tandem is more CENTERED to the middle of the Trailer and if the heavier cargo is loaded behind the Axel, toward the rear of the Trailer, you will have the advantage of the Lever and Fulcrum Effect, which will lift more weight off the tongue. Careful; don't lift too much weight off the Tongue. If you do, you will create a slight zig - zag and sway pattern while driving down the Highway.

Engaging a 6 X 12 with a Single Axel in the above application will definitely over load the rear end of your car and almost always result in the installation of Air Bags, in order to level out the car and Trailer. Another thing to consider is Brakes. The 7 X 12 with a Tandem Axel will always have Electric Brakes to help you stop faster and safer. The 6 X 12 will not and this will simply add to your problems. Don't save money; save lives.  

In summary and opposite of Human logic, a larger Trailer with Tandem Axles & Electric Brakes is often times LESS TAXING on a SMALL VEHICLE and MUCH SAFER to operate!

QUESTION: Is there an advantage to owning a low profile Trailer?

ANSWER: Most homes built today have Deed Restrictions that forbid the parking or storage of vehicles on and about the property.   Because of this People try to fit their Trailers inside their garage , but often times can not due to the fact that most Trailers are higher than the garage opening.   In light of the above some Trailer Manufacturers have come out with units that are only five (5) feet high and can fit inside a Garage.   At first this seemed like a good idea as it solved the immediate problem.   

Unfortunately, the Low Profile Trailers generated many problems that would later create serious Safety Hazards, much inconvenience and wide spread dissatisfaction.  This is not our opinion; this information has been conveyed by people that own and want to trade or sell Low Profile Trailers for new Trailers.

Wehave been advised by customers that they have repeatedly struck their headson the ceiling or door openings to the extent of requiring Emergency Room Care, Stitches and follow up Medical Treatment.  Some were more lucky and just received one or two bloody knots on their head each week, indefinitely.   Please understand that most all Trailers made today are not finished off inside and manifest rough trim work and edges with knife sharp steel and hardware exposed.

Some customers were under five feet tall and managed to avoid the perpetual stream of bloody knots, bruises and sometimes stitches. Unfortunately, their cargo received the knots, bruises and stitches instead. One customer related a story which involved the transporting of several cement molded statues. They were just over five (5’) feet tall and had to be laid down on their sides.  Upon arrival at their final destination, all of the statues were cracked, chipped and broken beyond repair. If the Trailer was a standard six (6’) feet inside height and the statues were stood up straight and held in place with ratchets and wall rings, they would have been alive today.

One customer related a real interesting story about a Motorcycle calamity.  He and one of his friends were loading a motorcycle inside a Low Profile Trailer.  The motorcycle was a Road King. At first the bike would not fit due to the wind shield touching the rear ramp opening. After removing the wind shield the rider drove the bike up the ramp, struck his head on the ramp opening and fell off. The bike continued and crashed into the left wall, then the nose panel, then fell down on its right side with the accelerator handle scraping against the right wall in such a way, as to open the throttle all the way.  
The engine raced at a very high r.p.m. for several minutes, before they could shut it down. The initial damage was in excess of $5,000.00 and two months later the engine seized up on the bike.  It is believed that the oil subsided at the far bank of the pan while the engine ran wide open and scored the crank shaft, rods and bearings.  Eventually, the total damage exceeded the cost of the Trailer.

If you spend any time at all in a Low Profile, especially in the Summer months when it is very hot and Trailers run 135 degrees, it is not a comfortable Trailer to be in.   There is no head room and occasionally you will forget that the Trailer is only five (5‘) feet tall and you are six (6‘) feet tall and will end up with Bloody knots or Bruises and a stiff neck for the rest of the day or week, etc. 

Aside from this, you will be limited as to the type and size of cargo that will realistically fit the right way in the Trailer and may also have a difficult time loading and unloading it due to the low door opening and ceiling height. In view of the above, It would be more practical to modify the garage door opening on your house on a one time basis, then to put your self through this jeopardous exposure every time you hook up to a Low Profile Trailer.  

The final blow comes at such time that the Trailer is put up for sale.The economics of a Low Profile are not good.  The Low Profile, like so many other common and ordinary Trailers on the market place are auctioned on a daily basis at a variety of Auctions throughout the United States and sell for peanuts; sometimes for 50-60 cents on a dollar of what was originally paid. People simply want out of them at any price and you will lose your shirt due to the high availability rate and the low prices that they can be purchased for. Surprisingly though, for every person that wants to get rid of the bloody knots, bruises and inconvenience, there is a person who has a burning desire to acquire them.

In closing on this subject, the writer can make several recommendations. If you already own a Trailer that is a stand up unit without the top cut off and want to park this unit in your garage, try this: Go to Walmart and purchase small doughnut wheels; they are about 14” from the ground to the top of the tire. This will lower the Trailer about 9” to 10”.  If you require more than this you can relocate the axle on top of the leaf springs to lower it another 3“ to 4” or purchase a 6” drop axle which should give you yet another 6” to work with. The doughnut wheels will be engaged just to fit the Trailer in the garage only of course.  

If you do not want to go through all of this trouble and do not want to fight with the few neighbors that stay home all day and spy on you (HA), then do this: Throw a canvas tarp over your Trailer that is parked outside so it can not be Identified.  If your spy comes around and questions what you have under the tarp, simply advise that it is a secret you are not at liberty to disclose at this time. Conversely, it is also our understanding that many people have had good experiences with Low Profile Trailers and they are very satisfied with their purchase. Further, they have no secrets.

QUESTION: What is the scoop on Torsion Bar Suspension

ANSWER: The concept of Torsion Bar Suspension is a good one. Torsion Bars offer a softer ride when empty.  Unfortunately, few repair shops are capable of working on them and seldom will you ever find a shop that actually  stocks Torsion Bars. With reference to the cost factor, plan on spending an additional $500.00 on a Torsion Bar Suspension.

In view of the above, here is how it actually works when you are on the road and a Torsion Bar Suspension breaks:   You will call a shop and they will tell you that they do not handle Torsion Bar repairs. If fact, you will be making many calls to many shops that will all tell you the same thing.

Finally , after many attempts you may locate a shop that will answer in the affirmative, just to get the job.  After several futile repair attempts on the Torsion Bar Suspension for a day or two the shop will advise that the Torsion Bar Suspension is not repairable. This is how it will go down 99% of the times. Further, you will be advised that the Torsion Bar Suspension is eight (8’) feet wide, very large, very heavy and very expensive. Note that the Torsion Bar Suspension will have to be shipped by Motor Freight, as it is too heavy for express service.  

The Motor Freight on a Large cumbersome Torsion Bar Suspension is very expensive, must be pre-paid and will take up to a week or longer to transport. The repair bill with parts, labor, materials and freight will range from $950.00 to $1,500.00 and there is no guaranty that the Torsion Bar Suspension will not break again sometime within the near future and in a very remote area far away from home or a repair facility.

This writer was pulling a forty (40’) foot Trailer in 1996 while passing through the state of Maine. The cargo was fifteen Harley Davidson Motorcycles. The Trailer was equipped with a Tri Axle Torsion Bar Suspension. One of the Torsion Bars broke and the tires rubbed against the wheel wells, got hot, smoked and exploded. Several days passed prior to locating a shop that claimed they could work on Torsion Bars.  

Eventually the Torsion Bar was replaced and two weeks later, after running up a bill that exceeded $4,500.00, the return trip back to Florida was under way. Note that part of the expenses funded 13 days in a motel, breakfast, lunch and diner for two drivers, long distance phone calls, cloths, laundry, and other misc services. This was both a day mare and a night mare, as we had very valuable merchandise to protect on a 7 day  and 24 hour basis. Upon arriving in Florida an additional $2,000.00 more was paid to the drivers for over time pay and related expenses. In al, $6,500.00 was lost on one trip and a second trip had to be cancelled due to the lost time on the road.

Leaf springs rarely break and when they do, you can journey over to one of the many Walmarts and simply purchase a single leaf or the entire leaf spring assembly for under $35.00. The next step is to remove the wheel, unbolt the two bolts that fasten the leaf spring to the shackles and the four bolts that attach the axle to the leaf spring and install the new leaf spring. The spring installation requires about 45 minutes only and you are off and running again.

Unlike Torsion Bar Suspensions, Leaf Springs can easily fit in the trunk of your car or bed of your pick up truck and actually be taken on a trip just like a spare tire and be available immediately, should it be required! Compare this to the calamity of replacing a Torsion Bar Suspension and simply ask yourself which Suspension system you would like to deal with, following a break down?

It is our experience that many people have Torsion Bar Suspensions and will swear by them. After they break they will return to Leaf Springs for Safety, Reliability and Simplicity, as many others before them have done!

QUESTION:  Is there a difference between a Travel Trailer that has a Ramp and a Real Traditional Toy Hauler?

ANSWER:  Yes; a very Big difference! A Travel Trailer is limited to being a Mobile Living Quarters Trailer.  Many of these are also engaged for Mobile Office space as well.   Many are also engaged as a permanent Residence at Mobile Home Parks, as you will visually observe while driving by a Mobile Home Park.

For the past several years Dealers have been Instructing their Manufacturers to Install Ramps on the Rear of the Travel Trailers that they order to accommodate Motorcycles, Four Wheelers and other Recreational Vehicles.  

It is common knowledge that the Floors on Travel Trailers FLEX, BOW, CRACKLE and SQUEAK while walking on them, as they are usually made out of very thin 3/8” 1-ply plywood or particle board and are not Strong or Stable enough to Support the above Referenced Motor Vehicles. Further, they lack the necessary FRAME and STRUCTUAL INTEGRITY, CROSS MEMBERS and STEEL REINFORCEMENT below the Floor and are also short on the number of 5000 LB Floor Mount D-Rings. In conclusion Travel Trailers maintain a HIGH CENTER of GRAVITY which makes loading more difficult and place more emphasis on an OVER PRICED KITCHEN then Toy Hauling, which is very usual for a Travel Trailer.

Conversely Toy Haulers should have all five of the above attributes, but seldom do; Travel Trailers seldom have more than one of the above attributes, as it is not necessary when transporting people only, as they were intended. A High Quality Toy Hauler will have all five of the above Referenced attributes, however most Consumers seldom know what to look for and therefore could not appreciate Quality, even if it were Manifest. In most instances you get what you inspect and not what you expect!

Thus, if you are quoted a price on a Toy Hauler that is too Good to be True you are probably looking at a less Expensive Travel Trailer only that is dressed up and Equipped with a Ramp to mimic an Expensive Toy Hauler that it is not!  This is a way for a Dealer to get much more money for a Travel Trailer then it is worth;  it is also a way to sell a Toy Hauler when he does not have one in stock.

Get the facts or the facts will get you and when you get them, get them Right or they will get you wrong / Thomas Fuller.

We will up date this Column as frequently as good Educational Questions Arise.

Aero Trailers,  Tony Mancuso - For The Firm


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