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The price of a motorcycle trailer or cargo trailer is determined by the materials and features it takes to build it. Here is a list of features we install to build the best trailer you will ever own.

Front Mounted Plate   Red Enclosed Trailer
Designer V-Nose includes Super Duty Side Winder Tongue Jack (has 5:13 gear ratio and grease fitting) with Sand Pad. 24” Front Mount Diamond Plate Aluminum Stone Shield (to eliminate paint chips) with Polished Aluminum Surround J Molding.   Set Back Axle (to eliminate road sway) with 6 inch drop; for lower center of gravity to eliminate being top heavy and flipping over. Axle capacity is from 3500 LB single axle to 7000 LB tandem axles on leaf springs.
Stainless Steel Wheels

Powder Coated Blade Spoke or Silver Dollar Bud Wheels with Chrome Center Hubs and Polished Aluminum Fenders.

One Piece Leak Proof Roof   Trailer Interior
Seamless One Piece Leak Proof Roof to reduce the chances of water entering the trailer.
2 9/16” Thick Walls with White insulated vinyl and lined with 1200 lb C-Rings. 16” / 18” center beams on walls and 24” on floor cross members, with yellow pine, steel plated, and undercoated floor carriage. White vinyl interior walls and ceiling headliner are maintenance free and easy to clean.

Interiors include Lights with Ceiling and Wall Mount Switch and Roof Ventilation System. For complete Interior information, see the Interior Page.
Steel Reinforced Ramp   Drop Down Jacks
Steel Reinforced Ramp with Ground Extension (to eliminate dangerous ledge) and 60 LB spring assist cable. 
Fold Down Drop Down Jacks at Rear; to prevent front end lift when loading heavy cargo while the trailer is stored. These jacks can also be engaged to change a tire. 
Trailer Side Door  


Multiple Running Lights, side lights, rear lights, brake lights with 12 volt system.

Polished Aluminum Door Frames and Molding Trim Kit throughout the entire Trailer.

Trailers come in 3 colors: white, black and silver. Paint is baked for many years of longevity.
33” Side Door includes skid shield, piano hinge, and deadbolt with handle lock to deter theft. While most all doors on trailers are made of wood, our side doors are made with aluminum frames and reinforced with steel bars. The handle and lock mechanisms also have an interior (escape) latch handle and lock release.    

Most dealers offer a trailer that is no more than an empty wooden box, which has no value to anyone! For $600.00 to $800.00 more (that we invest right back into the trailer and not our pockets) you will receive over $2,500.00 in extra options, equipment and accessories.

You do not save money with low cost trailers; they actually cost more money to own in the long run.
No dealer can or will ever match our sales package, for the trailer we sell and the price we sell it for; FACT!

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