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Inside A Motorcycle Trailer

Flooring Photo

Checkered Floor

  Do I need an interior; is it necessary? If your answer to this is no, then why do auto and truck manufacturers install interiors in all of their vehicles? Interiors are the life blood of a vehicle. Most buyers make their decision based upon the luxury, appearance and function of a vehicles interior.

Face it, nice, neat, pretty, and cool vehicles generate interest and buyers; FACT! That is why Aero Trailers sets up all of their trailers with beautiful interiors, with the most SOPHISICATED and PROFESSIONAL tie down system of its kind. You will never see another functional trailer interior like this one ever again, any place else!

Just how costly is this interior? If you are concerned with the cost of this interior, don’t be. It cost less than two months supply of beer and cigarettes for most. Here are the facts:

The Factory cost for a Headliner on a 12’ trailer is $10.00 per foot or $120.00. The total wall length on a 12’ trailer for right, left and front is 32 feet. The total cost for 32 feet of walls is $120.00. Divide $120.00 by 32’ and you will find that the cost of the walls are $3.75 per foot.

You can not buy this material for $3.75 per foot any where; however, you are buying it from Aero Trailers and installed for $3.75 per foot! The Factory cost for a Black and White Linoleum Checker Floor is $10.00 per foot. The wooden floors in a trailer come in several sections. Prior to installing the Black and White Linoleum, the wooden floor must be lined with a 1/4” thick sheet of plywood that is the entire length of the trailer floor. If this is not done, the Black and White Linoleum will develop a crack every place there is a floor seam. The Factory cost for the floor prep and Black and White Linoleum is $120.00. A series of 5000 LB floor mount D-Rings (with steel plates on the bottom), and wall mount C-Rings are installed on every trailer to secure cargo and out perform any other trailer on the market. The black and white checkered linoleum protects the wood floor, provides exciting contrast, and adds a burst of personality.

After the linoleum is installed, the 5000 LB D-Rings are installed and held in place with carriage colts. The bottom of the floors, below the trailer are steel plated with 8" wide and 1/8" thick steel plates that run from the front to the rear of the trailer. The carriage bolts extend through the steel plates and are fastened with thread right lock nuts. The above steel plates also act as cables on a suspension bridge and add tremendous reinforcement to the strucuture of the floor.

At this point the steel plates alone will bare the entire weight of one, two or three motorcycles of any size or weight. The floor, sub floor and linoleum can be considered decorative, when taking in consideration the unlimited load capacity that the steel plates add to the trailers ability to manage and transport heavy motorcycles and cargo.

The Ramp and Ramp Extension require a great deal of work to build. The Extension on the Ramp is attached by a stainless steel piano hinge that would cost an average person $25.00 by itself. The Ramp is lined and reinforced with steel to prevent bending and is also equipped with a beautiful Black and White Linoleum Checker floor. The bottom of the Ramp Extension is lined with stainless steel and encased with aluminum trim molding. The work and materials incorporated in the Ramp and Extension are valued at $250.00. The Factory cost is an amazing $50.00! Thus, an entire interior on a 6 X 12 trailer is sold to you at the Factory Cost of $410.00, with ABSOLUTELY NO MARK UP!

Our walls are 2 9/16" thick, with white vinyl insulation board over-lay and lined with many wall mount c-rings to secure cargo and eliminate damage. Our ceilings are 3" thick, heavily insulated and will defy hot temperatures. We incorporate 16-18" center beams and 24" cross members. Lighting and ventilation is standard on all models. Interiors are maintenance free and easy to clean.

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